Matt's Story

 Photo by  Birch Blaze

Photo by Birch Blaze

Hi, I'm Matt Barter.  I love to make things.

I was born in Bar Harbor, Maine and grew up in a creative family.  I studied with my father Philip Barter, working as an apprentice in his studio.  There I learned the mechanics of painting, prepping canvas and art theory.


My art has developed thru the years, focusing primarily on the Maine experience and telling the story of the Maine lobstermen. I worked as a stern man on a lobster fishing boat out of South Gouldsboro for two years. This greatly influenced my ambition to paint the every day struggles of the men and women that make a living on the boats, piers, and harbors of Maine. I work mainly in oil painted on board.  I also sculpts in wood, metal and mixed media. 


Brite Plastik is a shared artistic vision with my friend and fellow Maine artist, Jobie Cole. It involves a futuristic vision of consumerism and waste.  Brite Plasik is a fake corporation, Cole and I the protagonists - the artists, who design and install complex worlds. My paintings are like posters with pop culture references. The sculptures are like prototypes or movie props.

For the first installation in 2013 the inspiration was a fake company we named Glom - glom being a simile for the French word bricolage meaning to create art at a feverish pace using whatever materials are at hand. We "glommed" a show together in two short months. The showroom featured sculptured prototypes, oversized advertising signs and floor models.

In 2014 Jobie Cole and I built on the Brite Plastik concept further with a new installation called Brite Plastik Things.

I focused on repeating forms including astronauts, anthropological cloches and heads and hands frozen in thought and action. I built space suits and these suits pushed the astronaut form right off the wall as I personally wore one at the opening and displayed myself along side the paintings and sculptures.

I've shown my work throughout Maine - both solo, one man shows and shows with my dad, Philip. Some of the galleries include Leighton Gallery in Blue Hill, Wingspread and Shaw Gallery in Northeast Harbor, June Fitzpatrick and Gallery 75 in Portland, Gleason in Boothbay, Littlefield in Winter Harbor, Saturday Cove Gallery in Northport, Barter Family Gallery in Sullivan, Island Artist in Islesford and Port Gallery in Kennebunk.  Outside of Maine I've shown at the  Artemesia Gallery in Portland, Oregon. My art is also included in collections at the Davistown Museum in Liberty, Maine, the Ford Family Collection and Senator Angus King's collection in Washington, D.C.  I've also had work in Sotheby's art auction.

Currently I live in Richmond, Maine with my wife, Rebekah, and our two boys. I continue to paint and sculpt out of my studio, experimenting with new concepts and mediums.  

Thanks for the opportunity to share my creations with you!

- Matt